Want to Complete Your Tactical Gear? Consider Steel Toe Boots

Here is the thing- your tactical gear look isn’t complete without a pair of boots. And, it doesn’t getter better than steel toe boots. Still, you have to know to select good boots that will get the job done. Here’s how;

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And now, here are a few things you should know about steel toe boots.

So, How Much Should a Steel Toe Boot Weigh?

The best steel toe boots should be comfortable. The last thing that you want on a hiking trip is a pair of heavy boots that are a pain to drag with your feet all day. Which begs the question – how much should a work boot weigh?

While the weight will vary from one boot to the other depending on the feature, it must be reasonable. A work boot with steel midsole and upper leather will weigh about 2.25 lbs. A six-inch steel toe boot such as the Timberland Pro weighs about 5 pounds. Even then, the ideal weight is not stone cast, and it may vary based on the style, model, size and brand.

Which is the Best Lacing System for your Boots?

Steel toe boots come with an assortment of lacing systems to give you a snug fit. While the answer to this question is not definite, it is advisable to go for a lacing system that will lock down your foot in the right place around your boot’s ankle lining. The most common lacing systems include eyelets, metal hoots and D-ring eyelet.

What is an EE or D Width?

When scouting for work boots, it pays if you’re familiar with the terms and jargons. One of the most common phrases you’ll find regarding size is EE and D width. An EE refers to the wide width. In other words, it means that boot is ideal if you have wide feet. A D width, on the other hand, stands for regular width. It is the exact opposite of the EE width.

Which Outsole Type is the Most Durable?

You’re better off with Goodyear Welt construction if you’re after durability. Most top rated work boot brands including KEEN, Thorogood, and Timberland use this design, with others joining in. It is worth noting, however, that the cement outsole is the strongest and Direct Attach the weakest. Even then, the Direct Attach outsole design is the most comfortable, followed by Cement and Goodyear Welt in that order.

How do you Determine the Proper Size When Choosing my Boots?

Ideally, the best work boots ought to be the same size as your shoes. However, the steel toe cap and the heel height may affect the boot’s level of comfort. Plus, the type of work may have a hand to play on how the boot feels on your feet. To avoid blisters on your toes, always choose a pair that’s ½ a size large than your shoes.

In other words, if you wear half a size boot, for instance, 8½ and the pair you intend to purchase is only available in whole sizes, go for size 9 instead of 10. Also, consider wearing your boots with relatively thicker socks.

How Often do you Need to Clean your Leather Boots?

Again this depends on your type of work. However, be sure to wipe your down using a damp, clean cloth. Air-dry your boots after every clean. When you wash your pair, say during the weekends make sure that you dry them in constant temperatures.

Condition the leather uppers once in a while to maintain the original look and durability. You can polish your boots with a matching cream or treat them with water repellant.

Bonus – Popular Steel Toe Boot Brands

Some steel toe brands are more popular than others. Here are two of the most sought after.

KEEN Utility

When a brand has a motto like “work monumental, live monumentally” you got to take notice! KEEN Utility promises to give you boots that not only make you work better but live better as well. Their pairs bring to the fore world-class performance, comfort, and protection coupled with serious safety features.

Headquartered in Portland Oregon, KEEN has been making work boots since the early 2000s and has a sizeable market share. The company even runs a “meet us on the road” campaign bringing its footwear directly to the consumer. Now, that’s a manufacturer that isn’t afraid to showcase what it can do right there!


It’s hard to talk about the best steel toe boot brands without mentioning Timberland. One of the oldest players in the game, Timberland is known for heavy-duty work boots that can handle virtually any job. Their styling is on top too.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an everyday casual work boot, you’re better off with one from Timberland.