Understanding More About Dot Peen Markers

A dot peen marking system represents an excellent way to add unique and permanent marks to metal, wood, paper, and plastic. The name “dot peen” points to the way this unit uses a pin to make small dots on the surface that you want to be marked.

You can use the marker to create a logo, barcodes, text or any other print on the surface. The marker makes use of pneumatic or electric pressure to push the pins. This gives you a permanent mark that can last and still be readable several years down. The system is so versatile that you can use it on hardened steel as well.

Sample Scenario: Using the Marker to Add Logos on Products

You can use the dot peen marker to add logos to the items that you produce meant for sell.

Whether you are producing metal, wooden or plastic items, you can use the marker to add a little logo on the item. You can even use the system on crafts and artwork created on canvas or paper.

Why Use Dot Peen Marking?

This system gives you various advantages over traditional marking techniques. Apart from marking all kinds of materials, you also spend less on the process due to the few consumables needed to handle each task. The marker works at high speed, allowing you to produce many items at once.

The marker also uses powerful integrated software that is easy to use. Since it creates minimum stress on the part being marked, it doesn’t affect adjacent areas of the material.

You also get the luxury of controlling the depth of the mark each time. Once you have the logo or any other marking, you can program this unit to get the same kind of mark each time you use the dot peen system. This is better than using handstamping, and it also provides a deep mark compared to its predecessors.

Ways to Use Dot Peen Marking

There are various ways you can use dot peen marking in your business. First, you can use a bench version where the system is mounted on a flat surface so that you place the various items in the machine to be marked.

This type is usually sturdy and large and accommodates different sizes. It also provides different carbide pins and marking heads to help you get the markings you desire regarding depth and size.

You can also opt for a portable dot peen marking system. This allows you to take the marker to the item, which makes it suitable for use with larger parts that the bench unit cannot handle.

You can use the portable marking station with your laptop or tablet so that you generate a unique design on the item.

If you run a processing unit, you can add an integrated dot peen system into the production line. This way, you can use it to mark items as they leave the production lines. This helps streamline the process especially if you produce many items at once.

What Kind of Unit Should You Choose?

The kind of unit you choose depends upon the intended purpose and what kind of manufacturing process you run. If you are handling large parts, say auto parts, you would probably like to invest in a portable unit. For smaller items such as crafts and woodworking, you can go for a handheld unit. If you manufacture parts using an automated unit, you are better off with an integrated system. Check out dot peen systems from MarkinBox to choose what suits your needs.

In Closing

Using a dot peen marker in your business processes makes it easy for you to add marks to the items you produce. Take time to choose the right marker to enjoy all the benefits.