Traits That Makes Us Human

Many theories seek to explain where the world came from and its occupants. Some belief in a religion where a superior being created the world. Others believe that the creation of the world was as a result of scientific processes such as evolution. However, what always stands out is the fact we as humans are different from the other creatures that reside in this world. The following are the features that make us human

Developed brain

It is not the size of the brain that matters, but what this brain is capable of doing. Whales are known to have the biggest brain, but the amount of data that humans can process is very huge. Some birds have brains that makeup to 8% of their bodies while the human brain takes a mere 2.5%. You may think that a computer can process more data than a human brain, which is not true. Humans are known not only for taking and processing large information but also for having a good memory of some important unfolding in life. Human beings are thus good storytellers who can visit the past and also visualize the future based on the information at their disposal.


Even though most animals produce sounds for the communication process, humans’ ability to speak will always be outstanding. The fact that one can learn more than one language makes them even more advanced. The voice box, also known as the larynx, is lower on the throat of humans when compared to chimpanzees. Humans also have flexible lips, mouth, and tongue which makes it easy to hold conversations when compared to the apes. The major downside of speech development in humans is that food can go down the wrong track. Some people cannot talk, but in most cases, it is a medical condition and failure of some organs in the throat.

Humans change the world

You may have seen some pictures of how the world was one century ago. Humans have made almost all the developments that you can see and all that other animals can do is adapt. Humans have changed a lot of things like how they prepare foods, intake and even how they communicate. Some of the changes may have come by mistake while others were preplanned. Transhumanism is also a big development as people seek ways to make life better through various scientific processes as you can see here. Humans are aware that diseases and death are a reality and thus work hard towards making life more bearable. They also go a step further and ensure that other animals are healthy.

Walking upright

Some animals walk upright, but they are not as perfect as humans. Those who believe in evolution theory believe that humans walked on four legs during the early stages of evolution. The ability to walk upright thus made these humans adapt to various habitats. There are chances that some people will bend as they become old, but it is hard to find such people walking on four legs like other animals.


You may argue that other animals are creative in their own way, but that of humans is always unmatched. The creativity and innovation of humans are what make various processes easier and tackling various problems a reality. Humans are those animals that can analyze a situation and even turn around a bad situation to their advantage.

Self-awareness and compassion

Have you ever asked yourself why we are the only animals that cover our bodies? Other animals such as your pet can walk around naked, and they do not even realize it. The dressing is thus a part of humans, and they even race with fashion which has become a multibillion industry. Humans also blush which is among the most peculiar expressions that they hold. Blushing is an involuntary trait that shows that humans are emotional beings and that is why they soft spots for other animals.

There will always be conflicting theories that try to explain why different animals behave in a certain way. Understanding what makes you different from the rest of the creatures will make you appreciate your space and lead a fulfilled life. There may be some similarities between humans and other animals, but the differences are notable from far.