Hidden Cheat Sheet for Better Bowling Techniques

Bowling is a fun experience that people of all ages can enjoy. If you’ve been avoiding bowling because you never seem to be good at it, there is good news for you! We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of little techniques that you can apply that will have you not only enjoying bowling more but will have you surprising your family and friends with your new prowess too.

Find the Right House Bowling Ball


Did you know that the weight of your bowling ball matters? Have you ever tried bowling and realized that sometimes the ball feels heavy or too light? You are supposed to choose a house bowling ball that is 10 percent of your weight in pounds. Surprised? Choosing the right weight may be what is coming between you and bowling greatness. If you weigh 100 pounds, then you should be opting for a 10-pound bowling ball.

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The holes in the bowling ball should fit right. They should be neither too big nor too tight. Too much of a tight fit can throw off your aim because you will be straining to release your fingers from the holes instead of aiming for the pins. Also, if the fit is too loose then you may release the ball sooner than you intended to.

Tips on Purchasing Your Own Bowling Ball


After you’ve determined that bowling is a hobby you want to take seriously, the next step would be to buy your own bowling ball. In addition to bowling ball purchasing tips you may already know; you may want to keep these extra tips in mind:

  • If you’re on a tight budget and are a beginner, then you should choose a bowling ball with a plastic coverstock. You can easily find one for less than a hundred bucks. They are not only affordable but do not hook that much.
  • If you have money to spend, then choosing a bowling ball with resin coverstock is considered to be a great investment. This is because it will serve you longer, and it is used by pro-bowlers because of the strong hook shots you can achieve with it. The resin allows the bowling ball to dig into the oil, thus providing chances for a better hook.


Tips for Improving Your Play


Now that you know how to choose the right bowling ball, the next thing you’d need to do is improve your bowling technique. There are great tips for beginners mentioned here, but if you already know your way around a bowling alley and just need tips to improve your game, there they are:

  • Your wrist and hand should be straight as you hold the bowling ball. You should avoid flexing or bending your wrist. As you swing, swing from your shoulder joint and not your elbow. You want to maintain a smooth arc as you swing back.
  • As you’re swinging the ball forward you want to rotate your wrist to the left if you are right-handed and to the right, if you are left-handed.
  • Some players release the ball too soon or too late. Some may perfect their technique as they become better players, but for beginners, it is best to release the ball at your ankle.

Bowling Basics to Check Off


There are several things to look out for in order for you to get the best shots at bowling. These bowling basics should always be on your mind as you bowl:

  • Always ensure you have the right bowling bowl. As mentioned earlier, choosing one that is a tenth of your weight will greatly improve your play. You should also choose comfortable bowling shoes.
  • Choose the same starting position each time you throw the first ball of each game. This will help you perfect your technique as you continue to play.
  • Have a firm but not tight grip on the bowling ball. Remember to choose one that is the right fit for your fingers. Maintain a firm wrist and hand position as you swing. This will help maintain accuracy.

Practice bowling with these tips in mind and you will be playing better than you have in a long time. Perhaps you may even learn fancy tricks like between-the-legs bowling.