Four Essential Landscaping Tools

It’s always good to try new things, and see if you discover something that turns out to be a passion. While there aren’t many of us that relish the thought of getting home from work and completing all the jobs that need doing around the inside and outside of the house, there are things within these tasks that we can discover to be quite pleasant. If you’re someone that enjoys getting out on the weekends and making the most of that big backyard you spent so much money getting, then chances are you’ll take pride in what it looks like too. Getting the kids out and active on the weekends by doing some good old fashioned landscaping will do wonders for your mentality and their energy levels – it’s a great way to wear them out and get some work done at the same time. Here are four essential landscaping tools for the everyday household.

Multi-Purpose Hose Nozzle

Most of you already have a hose in the backyard and use it to wash the car on Saturdays or chase the kids in the height of summer. Hoses can come in handy when it comes to maintaining your yard and can be used for multiple areas of the garden. Taking a trip to your local handy store and having a look for an accessory that alters the water pressure on your hose can give you versatility when it comes to tackling different jobs. You’re not going to want to use the same water pressure on your delicate roses as you do on your dry lawn. Having an adjustable device on the end of your hose that changes the water pressure can give you a smooth transition from maintaining the garden to watering the roses, without having to compromise on either job.


Every well-maintained lawn needs a good wheelbarrow. There always comes a time at some point in the year – sometimes more than once – where the shrubs have become overgrown and the leaves have all fallen off, covering the grass completely. You know that you’re going to have to spend the next couple of weekends pruning and cutting back those shrubs that never seem to stop growing, and you’re going to create a couple of big piles of unwanted clippings in the process. Instead of taking multiple trips to the trash with an armful of clippings every time, use a wheelbarrow to do it all in a couple of easy trips – it’s easier on your arms and back and will take you much less time. Visit this site for some great, informative reviews of high-quality wheelbarrows, helping you decide which ones are going to suit your garden the best.

Limb Cutter

Speaking of fast growth that never seems to stop, those trees around the perimeter might be young and small now, but before you know it the years will fly by, and those trees won’t be so young and small. They’ll be big, tall and desperately in need of a trimming back – but those little shears you use to prune the roses aren’t going to do the job. You’ll need a limb cutter, which is like your typical garden shear except designed to do much more significant tasks. This will also save you paying for an arborist to come in and do the job – while it might be nice to have someone else take care of it; this is quite an expensive option and doesn’t include the satisfaction you’ll get out of tackling a bigger job like this yourself. Plus you’re only going to have to do it again at some point, so it’s worth having the tool ready and waiting when you need it.

Rock Rake

A rock rake is a perfect tool to use where a hoe just can’t do the job properly. It’s excellent at getting into the soil around your flower bushes and drawing out small gravelly rocks and bits of an unwanted plant without dragging all the nutrients out of the ground. It can also double as a weed remover, clinging onto those unwanted weeds and pulling them forcibly out of the soil while it’s removing the rocks.

It’s time to stop putting off those DIY landscaping jobs and get out into the garden. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy doing it – gardening and maintaining your yard can be a relaxing, cathartic exercise that also gets you out of the house and appreciating your backyard for what it has to offer. The kids will enjoy being outside with you too, and you can even turn some tasks into lessons on good work ethic, valuable traits that they’ll use later on in life whether in their garden or out in the real world with people.