How Can I Save With Solar Power?

The benefits that come with using solar power are innumerable and as the world heads toward the use of green energy. Adopting its use for your domestic power needs would undoubtedly come in handy. Here’s how solar energy saves you money and why you soon take up its use soon rather than later.

Use of Solar Power Guarantees Access to Solar Incentives

In a bid to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), many states offer competitive incentives and tax breaks for homeowners who use solar power. These incentives have lowered the cost of solar energy systems, effectively making a switch to solar much more affordable and a smart long-term financial decision.

The Zero Down Program

The institution of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) enables homeowners to install a full residential PV system on their rooftops at 0 down payment. The PPA has made solar power energy more affordable and has facilitated the rise of solar powers as homeowners seek to take advantage of the PPA module to significantly reduce electricity costs.

Solar Power Can Run Most Home Appliances

You don’t have to pay exorbitant power bills to keep your home appliances running. Depending on the solar panels you are using your can run virtually any home appliance such as your boiler system and still have some money left in your wallet. Even then, you need to hire a professional company to install the solar panels.  Speaking of boilers, if you’re looking for a Balham boiler maintenance company, Ecoheat is arguably your number one service.

Solar Power is a Secure Long-term Investment

Electricity costs keep fluctuating and increasing as power needs go up. However, unlike other sources of energy, solar power is not only reliable but a secure long-term investment. Once you have mounted a solar panel on your rooftop, you can rest assured of uninterrupted power for at least 20 years. In other words, solar power comes with fixed energy costs, thus being cheaper.

Installing Solar Power System is Easy

When pitted against other sources of energy, the installation of solar energy systems is easy and painless. There are hundreds of solar companies, and it will only take you a few minutes to find a solar deal that can save you significant sums of money. Again, fixing a broken solar power system is easy, and if you have basic electrical skills, you can repair the system on your own.

Guaranteed Performance

Most solar panels on the market today come with a 20 to 25 years warranty period also known as a performance guarantee. The longevity eliminates the needs to conduct periodic checkups to your system thereby helping you save on maintenance costs. Some solar panels still guarantee up to 80% performance after 30 years of use.

The Bottom Line

Due to the reliability that’s offered by solar energy, having solar panels on your home’s rooftop increases its attractiveness on the market. A study carried out by the National Renewable Laboratory (NREL) showed that homes with solar panel sell 20% faster, a fact that can help you save on advertisement costs.