When your condo is your office

If your condo doubles as your office, you’re probably living a dream that many people aspire to – working either remotely or as a freelancer from the idyllic beach town you’ve relocated to, complete with palm trees, swimming pools, tropical dishes and exotic cocktails. Even most CEOs of large companies in cities like New York and London can’t boast of having a beach and pool view from their office. Plus, you don’t have to sit in any kind of traffic jam to get to work in the mornings, you can set your own schedule, and when you’re done for the day, you stand up, turn around and you’re home! No need to panic, either, if you happen to leave your cellphone in the office – you can just stride over there and pick it up!

So, working from your condo is great, as we’ve seen, but there are a few tips to bear in mind that can make it even better.

The first of these is to create some kind of visual partition between your office space and the living space. This doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture – it could be something that goes up when the office is in use and comes down when it’s not. Some people use a dividing curtain for this, but they can look ugly and interfere with the flow of the air conditioning. Anything that helps remind you that you are in a work space rather than a sleeping or chilling out space will do, and it should help you to avoid getting distracted and thus protect your productivity.

Living near the coast can be great, but there are some complications that other areas don’t have, and these could affect your office. One of these is humidity – you may find this stifling at times, which in turn could affect the quality of your work. Check out Dehumidifier Web and choose yourself a good dehumidifier to prevent you from trying to work in a pool of sweat.

Another great addition to all offices is the snakeplant – a couple of them ideally. These are great, not only for esthetic purposes, but for improving the oxygen content of the air circulating in your office. This will improve your clarity of thought and have beneficial effects on your general health in the long term, too.

While you may want to use your kitchen to prepare breakfast and lunch at times when you’re not working, bring yourself a small worktop on which you can keep a kettle, coffee, biscuits and whatever other snacks you consume while you are working. If you need creative downtime, you can use your living space to read the newspaper or work out for a while, but don’t do anything you would do when not at work. It might be better just to sit out on the balcony for ten minutes, or even pop down to the pool for a quick dip.

When you’re not working, you might find it helpful if you can clear your office away and out of sight. Don’t use your office chair when you’re not working. Fold up whatever you can and store it away. This will also help you to avoid overworking. One of the benefits of working from home is that you can make better use of the time you would spend commuting. If you’re not careful, you can end up taking on too much work and staying up through the night on a regular basis, simply because you can. Be aware that there’s more to life than work, even though you are now the boss and you have an awesome office. It would be a shame to live in such a beautiful place and not take advantage of the fact on a regular basis.

Don’t allow other family member to use your office computer for shopping, downloading games or anything of the sort. In fact, it’s better if you keep that computer solely for work purposes and spend a bit of money on a separate computer for your family members. As your computer is key to earning your bread and butter and putting food on you family’s table, you should protect it accordingly.