Upright spinning bike review

In my opinion, one of the most effective and popular forms of exercise is cycling. Most of the fitness instructors recommend cycling during the workout session. The popularity of cycling in the fitness program is mainly due to the fact that it combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise and guarantees to increase the heart rate and enhance the overall health of an individual.

The Spin and Upright Bike

Prior to purchasing your cycling fitness equipment, I would recommend that you analyse and review both the spin and upright bike. Both the types serve almost the same purpose by engaging the body in similar movements. In addition, both the bikes require almost similar fitness levels. Hence, it is essential to do a detailed review of the spinning bike and the upright bike before making a choice. Analyse to check which best meets your requirement. We will just do an upright- spinning bike review.

The Spinning Bike

The spinning bike has a special design to meet the weight loss requirements. The machine provides a complete body workout. Similar to the upright bikes it gives an intense workout in the waist, hips, thighs, shoulders and calves, but has an added advantage of enabling exercisers the possibility of training by standing. Standing up during the workouts not only strengthens the lower legs and calves but it also engages every single muscle in the body into training thereby maximising weight loss.

It also helps in increasing the stamina, gradually allowing you to lengthen your training session. The standing workout is possible due to the reinforced pedals that are capable of sustaining people of varied weights and heights.

Another feature in the spinning bike that helps burn out more calories is the flywheel mechanism. The spinning bike is designed to have heavier flywheels that in turn require greater effort, thus burning out more calories. Since the bike is in motion, the flywheels make the workout less tough on the joints, thereby reducing the risk of any injury.

The Upright Bike

Unlike the spinning bike, upright exercise machines do not allow individuals to stand up during workout as the pedals are not as reinforced. However, the advantage of upright bikes is that they have padded seats that make exercising more comfortable even for a long stretch of time.

The spinning bike seats are very rarely comfortably padded as standing up is an essential part of the workout routines. However, the handlebars in spinning bikes are often textured to maximize your comfort and protect the fingers from sores and blisters as when doing a standing workout, there is more pressure likely to be applied on the hands.

Most of the upright bikes come with display consoles to keep a check on the number of calories burned, the amount of pedal strokes and distance covered during the workout. Very few of the spinning bikes are available with these added amenities. In addition, the upright bikes tend to be inexpensive as compared to the spinning bikes. So if you are not willing to invest a lot in your home gym, I would suggest going for an upright machine.

If your main aim is a rapid weight loss through vigorous exercising, then in my opinion the spinning bike is just right for you. Else, you can opt for the upright bike. Do keep your budget in mind as well while making a choice.