The Experts Agree… on Very Little. We Provide Clarity.

There are a lot of expert portable generator reviews out there, but the problem with that is that they very rarely agree on anything. Even when they do, an expert might suggest an item from a list of five, six, eight, or even more different products. You’re supposed to simply know which of the above is most ideal for your needs, based upon a few cursory thoughts from someone who almost certainly is taking their own familiarity with the subject for granted.

Enter… Us! Our job, as we see it – and as we’ve kind of been told it is, by the boss – is to ensure that you get the most succinct and useful information, by way of a few short and snappy reviews for products on which the greater majority of feedback seems to agree. We’ve combed more than twenty different blogs and review sites looking at what the experts have to say on the best portable generators available to purchase for your home or office… or vehicle; we try to avoid the industrial-scale generators here, that’s not really our forte. Anyhow, we totally combed these blogs (and reviews!) and picked out a list of four products on which the most people who actually ought to know what they’re talking about seem to agree. They are as follows… give them some consideration, and feel free to let us know what you think of our choices!

Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Control

Let’s get started with one thing: the remote control. In our own experience, this is one of the most overlooked and convenient features of any portable generator which actually comes with one. Many don’t – certainly not wireless remotes – and if you’ve got one that does, you can use it to smartly manage a variety of settings from a distance, including your overall power output. You can also tell your generator to idle as need be, to save on fuel (you’ll want to avoid turning it off and on repeatedly, as that tends to guzzle gas). Additionally, this wheeled generator conveniently affords a heads-up digital display of all of its relevant operating parameters. It will also shut down automatically if its oil level drops too low, and modulate its power output according to the demands being placed on it. It has push-button circuit breakers, and is entirely EPA compliant.

Yamaha Portable RV Generator

Although it’s technically been designed for recreational vehicles, this RV generator from Yamaha is small and compact enough to be useful almost anywhere – while out camping in a tent, or even inside your own home! Should the power go out, you’ll be prepared to last through an entire night on a single tank of fuel, thanks to a smart throttle capacity that adjusts the generator’s output to what is being asked of it. It is extremely efficient, as well as extraordinarily quiet – you’ll barely know that it’s operating (unless you’re the one who, y’know… turned it on; then you’ll know). Yamaha’s generator beats all US certified carbon emissions guidelines, which is a fancy way of saying that you won’t kill any penguins while using this generator (unless you’re penguin-hunting, and even then… they’re some crafty birds).

Honda Portable Inverter Generator

At forty-seven pounds, this lightweight and thoroughly portable generator from Honda (the same people who typically bring you things that move on their own, but hey… good effort, Honda!) are responsible for one of the most eminently portable generators in existence today (except for that ‘not self-mobile’ thing… nobody’s perfect, right?) In addition to being lightweight, this generator is so quiet and mild in its operation that it can even be used indoors. Ensure proper ventilation… but, on that note? Its emissions are among the most environmentally friendly of any portable generator (no, seriously… ensure proper ventilation). On a gallon of gasoline, this generator will take you through almost ten hours of operation. It’s one of the most efficient portable gas-powered generators in existence. As needed, you can even link two identical generators for additional power output and efficiency.

Sportsman Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator

Coming from Sportsman (with a name like Sportsman, it’s bound to be… um, part of the Sportsman product line?) we get a generator that looks at once comfortingly and suspiciously like a stripped-down John Deere tractor. It’s convenient and mobile, however, with a push-button electric start… no more slicing your hand open after frustratingly yanking on a manual start cable for the one hundredth time. Ideal as an emergency backup for your home or office, this generator can power common household appliances and workshop power tools alike. This generator will run for up to twelve hours at fifty percent of its maximum output. Its included wheel kit makes it easy to transport and maneuver. It weighs in at about one hundred and sixty pounds when fully fueled at seven gallons.