Secure Your Home with Quality Deadbolt Locks

The increase in crime rates now means that houses are no longer safe. Some neighborhoods may look pretty, but are highly vulnerable to burglars and thieves. This is why most homeowners are quick to install alarm to safeguard their property. Nonetheless, an alarm is never enough to keep intruders away. Burglars are improvising new techniques to hack a home’s alarm system and break in.

When thinking of the security of one’s home, it’s essential to find a reliable lock. One of the best way to know which lock to use is to consult locksmiths Harrogate who are experienced and have the right expertise to advise you on ideal locks based on your budget and security needs.

Types of locking systems

Deadbolt locks are highly recommended for their extra security. Unlike spring locking systems, deadbolt systems are more secure. Nevertheless, there are different types of deadbolt locks on the market and as a homeowner, it can be confusing trying to determine which lock best suits your security needs. Deadbolt locks include beveled deadbolt, grade 1, double cylinder and single cylinder deadbolt.

Beveled deadbolt

This type of lock is fitted with a steel case, making it hard for intruders to break in when they are using heavy duty tools like hammers to break in. For more security, one can have a security plate attached to both the house walls and door jamb.

Grade 1 deadbolt

Deadlocks come classified according to the quality they provide their users with. The grading value is determined by a national body. Choosing a Grade 1 emblem deadbolt rest assures one that they are secure and that the lock is able to last for years.

Double cylinder deadbolt

Also known as captured key deadbolt, this type of lock is suitable for homeowners who have an outer door covered by glass or window panes near. A key has to be used from the outside and inside to unlock the door.

Single cylinder deadbolt

If you’re looking for a reliable, yet affordable security option, single cylinder deadbolt would be an ideal choice. locksmiths suggest that this lock would be ideal for people who want to secure a solid door made of wood or metal that doesn’t have any window.

These are some of the deadbolt lock keys locksmiths Harrogate can recommend. Each lock has its own unique features. Get to know what you are looking for and the security needs you have, to choose the right lock.