Planning The Day of Your Life

So, you have something major to celebrate. You want to get all of your friends and loved ones together. Everyone that matters should be there with you for this moment. Whether it’s a graduation celebration, wedding or baby shower, if it’s anything more than a small get together there’s planning to be done.

Why just winging it simply won’t do

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your excitement and throw an impromptu party. The issue with doing so is that everyone may not be able to get wrapped up in you. People lead busy lives and can’t always show up if not given enough time.

If you want to make sure your loved ones can be there give them time to shift their schedules around. If you’ve written your final term paper and you have a couple months before you get your diploma that’s ample time to get the word out and prepare.

View it as not only giving others time to shift their schedules. You’re given yourself time to prepare and plan the event. This extra time in your hands should go towards clearing your own schedule and ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy an evening they won’t soon forget.

Structure in your planning

Since you’re committed to throwing this mega bash the first thing you need to do is get a headcount. The number of people you plan to invite determines more than almost any other factor. It affects where you have the event, the costs of nearly everything and just how much planning you’ll really have to do.

Once you have the number of people down or possible before you should establish what your budget is. Once you’ve set your budget to be sure to stick to it. Allocating percentages of your budget for different facets of the event (e.g. venue, entertainment, refreshments) will make your life much easier.

Having a physical source to keep your documents is another way to help organize. When planning weddings, it’s customary to use a binder. In this binder people keep all their ideas, what they’re looking at, and financial information. The people who are truly organized section off their binder with tabs and even keep receipts. If you aren’t planning a wedding there’s no need to be that thorough, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Selecting your venue

The venue is important. Chances are a good chunk of your budget will be allocated specifically to the backdrop of your event. If you’re having difficulties selecting a venue to ask yourself the questions “what is being celebrated and what do you want your guests to feel?” The venue operates as an extra element of ambiance and should be treated accordingly.

If you’re planning a wedding and are at a loss for ideas¬†Blue Bend photography’s wedding venues¬†are a great stop if you’re in the area or want to see what’s possible. If you’re planning a more casual get together more modern individuals have started using industrial spaces. There are always the banquet halls and the like for formal events as well.

Other things to be considered

While the people are what’s truly most important there are other priorities in planning. Once you’ve established where everyone will be it’s time to get into minor details. An easy thing to set up is catering. Depending on the venue you’ve chosen there may even be an in-house service. If not there are companies of all varieties to contact.

While you’re on the topic of food and beverages, getting alcohol isn’t likely another priority depending on the event and age group of its guests. If you choose to order in bulk from a third party service make sure they’re legally in the right with their practices.

Now that you know everyone can eat, drink and be merry, the rest is up to personal preference. Party favors, decorations and establishing whether event is casual or formal are easy places to start. Just be sure to have fun and make sure everyone else does too.