Laser Engraving of Electronic Devices: What You Need to Know

The awards market is rapidly expanding to make use of customization of all kinds of products – from hand-made items to products that have already been assembled. One of the top trends in the market currently is the personalization of high-tech gadgets such as digital cameras, laptop covers, phones, music players and more. It is no surprise that customers want these gadgets to be unique because millions of other people have the same device the world over.

The increase in demand for personalization of tech items is one of the ways that you can expand your laser engraving services and increase your profits.

No Need to Disassemble the Gadget

You might have previously been put off when it comes to engraving expensive, high-tech devices due to the high price tag. Because the power and speed settings of the laser engraving machine are very precise, the chances of destroying the item are next to nil. However, this is only possible when you have the right laser engraving machine for the process. Read more about Needham Coding to find out the relationship between the expected results and the quality of the machine. The process of engraving these items is also non-invasive.

You can engrave the items without having to disassemble the product, making the process faster and more convenient for you. The engraving technique is also gentle that it won’t affect the inner working of the gadget.

The Material Matters a Lot

Manufacturers that make these gadgets use very limited material. Most of the gadgets you will engrave will be made from plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. These materials are easy to engrave and will hold the markings well.

The challenge you have is what kind of materials you are handling and what the results will look like. Many years ago, most engravers had issues with plastic. With the advances in laser technology and the high-tech plastic material you can access now, you can achieve the same accuracy and results on plastic similar to metal.

The way you handle different materials will vary depending on color and the thickness of the surface. Some materials will take the laser etching easily and quickly, while some surfaces will require you to pre-treat the surface before achieving the design you seek. For instance, you might have to treat stainless steel surfaces before you mark it.

Use Templates to Reduce the Time for Marking

Another wrong notion that most engravers have when it comes to etching electronic gadgets is that it takes more time. The good thing is that most of these gadgets are small and nearly uniform in size. You can save time and energy by coming up with a template and using the same design on several pieces. After getting the base design, you can go ahead to customize the design using initials and names as necessary.

Using templates makes the process of engraving these gadgets easy and fast. Once you create the template, you can manipulate the artwork to fit any engraving area.

How Much Will You Charge?

The pricing model will vary greatly. There are various factors that influence how much you will charge for the job. One of the factors includes the extent of design that you use the size of the item and the number of items from a single customer. You also need to consider what other engravers are charging to come up with the right price. Remember, don’t go too low to show the customer that you might deliver shoddy work, and don’t go too high to seem too expensive.

The Bottom-line

With the right engraving machine, you can engrave almost anything regardless of the size of the item and the material used in the design. It is apparent that laser engraving services are in high demand and you can make a lot of money engraving high-tech devices.