So Your Kids Have Outgrown Their First Drum Kit. What’s Next?

When kids discover music it’s a beautiful thing. Sticking with it though is sometimes easier said than done. Proper instruction, plenty of support and a high-quality drum set are key elements to making sure your kid stays focused and poised to go the distance. I was browsing around KickstartYourDrumming and found this nice-looking beginner drum set: the Pearl Roadshow. Flashbacks ensued to a time when I bought my second drum set and how it was a major stepping stone to becoming the musician I am today. Looking back, I’m glad I stuck with it and I honestly don’t know if I would have had I not saved up my nickels from working after school and bought my first Pearl drum set.

If your kid has stuck it out with a first drum set you can bet they’re probably enjoying themselves. You want to encourage them with a set that has the ability to grow with them and is high-quality enough that it makes them proud to play it. Pearl has a well-established name in the music industry. Pearl has been around since 1946 and released its first professional drum kit in 1968. Pearl drums are used by many big-name drummers including Tico Torres from Bon Jovi, Rick Allen of Def Leppard and Steve Adler from Guns N Roses just to name a few. This should be more than enough inspiration for a budding drummer!

The Pearl Roadshow drum set is a five piece kit. It includes;

  • 20×16 Bass Drum
  • 14×5.5 matching snare drum
  • 10×7 tom
  • 12×8 tom
  • 14×14 floor tom
  • Pearl 500 series cymbal, snare drum and hi-hat stands
  • 1×16 crash ride
  • 14″ hybrid hi-hat
  • 1 throne
  • 2 drum sticks
  • Pearl stick bag

The Roadshow kit has 9-ply shells crafted from poplar wood. Different woods have different sonic properties but poplar is a good all-around choice providing a smooth and even tone. For a novice drummer poplar shells provide great sound and a more seasoned drummer will be able to upgrade as needed to achieve the sound they desire. Proper tuning is key to unlocking poplar’s true sound potential. If your little drummer hasn’t learned how to do this yet, that is perfectly fine. You can recruit a seasoned drummer to tune it for them or they can learn to tune themselves. It’s an important skill for a drummer and there are tons of instructional videos and tutorials out there to help them along.

The cymbals in the Roadshow kit are meant for true beginners only. They are simply there for you to get a good feel of what cymbals are used for. This is one piece of the set you will definitely want to upgrade! Almost all beginner drum sets include absolute starter cymbals so this isn’t really a drawback to the Roadshow kit itself. Some sets don’t include cymbals at all. Zilidijan’s ZBT Pro cymbal pack and Wuhan’s Western Style cymbal set are two great cymbal sets for those on a budget.

Pearl includes a standard dual-chained single beater kick drum pedal with the Roadshow. No bottom plate is included. As long as the drummer isn’t too forceful, this pedal is more than sufficient for most genres and styles.

Adding suspended tom mounting, a maple bass drum ring and a good bass drum muffler can make the Roadshow kit sound phenomenal. The price tag on the Roadshow kit is more than reasonable is sure to make you happy while the your aspiring drummer will be have a easily customized high quality drum set with a name recognized throughout the music industry. Satisfying both parents and student drummers just may be one of Pearl’s most impressive feats yet!

All in all, the Pearl Roadshow delivers a whole lot of bang for your buck. This is an extremely versatile kit and can fit any genre or skill level with modest improvisations and just a few upgrades. A drummer just starting out can enjoy the Roadshow kit as it comes and an intermediate drummer may choose to upgrade one or two things as they go along. Either way, the Roadshow kit will provide years of jam sessions and great memories.