Helping Your Pets Stay Warm in Winter

Winter is coming upon us and keeping your pets warm is extremely important. Winter is hard on pets, especially those who live outside all the time. When your pets sleep, they need to stay warm to rest comfortably. There are several options available to keep pets warm, both inside and outside pets.

For outside pets, especially dogs, you can get them a doghouse. This keeps them out of the sun, rain, snow, and wind. It gives them a safe place to go to as well. In the winter, this will also keep them warm. Buying a sturdy, heavy doghouse would be the best option. This ensures that it will stand up against the elements it’s protecting the animal from.

For outside dogs, you have the option of having a heating lamp inside the doghouse to keep them warm. This will keep the entire doghouse at a moderate temperature, ensuring that your pet is comfortable. Also, heating lamps last a long time before they burn out. However, you’d need to run electricity outside.

Another option is having a heated bed. This keeps your pet warm while it sleeps and gives it a soft place to rest. But, it doesn’t necessarily heat up areas that don’t require heat, for example, the ambient air temperature in the doghouse. Although, this also requires electricity to work, so you’d have to make sure your pet can’t chew on the cord. And, you’ll have to make sure to keep snow and ice off the cord and connections by wrapping or covering them.

A third option is laying straw on the floor of the doghouse. This keeps the dog’s own warmth inside. Plus, this is the cheapest option. The straw also makes the floor of the doghouse more comfortable for your pet. The downside to this option is you’d have to regularly change out the straw to keep mud and snow out of the doghouse.

A fourth option could be to outline the doghouse in fleece, like insulation in your own home. Putting fleece coverings on the floor and walls of the doghouse insures that warmth would stay inside the doghouse. Also, if it snows bad, though there may be snow on or around the doghouse, it will help to keep the cold out. The downside to this option is the fleece may get wet from the snow and will absorb it. This may make the fleece rot if not taken care of regularly.

An extra precaution that you can take to ensure your outside pet is comfortable is to dry them off. Since they live outside, they may want to play in the snow. Drying them off occasionally will guarantee that your pet will stay warm. When a pet’s fur is wet, it makes their skin cold and reduces the ability of their fur to stand up, so drying them off will help to keep the cold away. However, bathing them is a bad idea in winter. Even if you use warm water, your pet may still get cold.

An option for inside or outside pets is blankets. This keeps your pet warm and makes it comfortable for them. Also, you can add or take away blankets as needed. This makes it easy to keep your pet’s temperature under control. Also, you’d be able to wash the blankets to keep them clean. However, your pet may want to chew on these, so be careful.

Another option for both inside and outside pets is a portable heater. This option allows you temperature control on the heater itself. Plus, you can aim the heater straight at your pet to ensure they can feel the warmth. The problems with this is it may make your pet too hot and your pet may burn itself by getting to close to the heating elements.

Whether you have inside or outside pets, keeping them warm in the winter is imperative. There are many things you can do to help your pet nap more comfortably even in cold or snowy weather. For outside dogs, getting a doghouse for them should be the first thing you do. Adding something more only guarantees your pet’s comfort. Each of these options has both pros and cons, so choose the best option for you. All of them are excellent ways to keep your pet warm, but keeping an eye on your pet is important, too. You need to be sure that your pet is comfortable, whether it’s inside or outside all the time. Not only does your pet need to stay warm, but it needs somewhere comfortable to sleep.