How to Fix iPad Charging Issues

If you are having trouble charging your iPad, then there are some things you can do to reverse the
situation. If the problem is caused by hardware issues, then you may not have a choice but to contact
Apple for help. However, a majority of charging issues are caused by software glitches that can be
rectified. The following article talks about some the steps you can take if your iPad can’t charge.

Restart your device

If you iPad refuses to charge, then one of the simplest steps you can take to rectify the situation is to
force a reboot. Forcing a restart ensures that you machine reboots and corrects whatever was causing
your device not to charge. Forcing restart is simple as pressing and holding down the sleep and home
buttons until the screen turns off. The process isn’t done; however, you should continue holding the two
buttons until the screen is back on.

Switch ports

It sounds funny but changing the ports can be the difference if your device can’t charge. Sometimes the
ports you are targeting can fail to work causing you a lot of stress. But by switching ports, you can easily
establish the ports that are working and those that have power issues.

Switch cables

Like power outlets, iPad charging auxiliary cables can wear or tear because of being over used at home
or on the road. Though, original cables tend to last longer than those made by third parties companies.
You should therefore always insist on buying original chargers instead of the many imitations out there.
If your power source works correctly, then establishing whether your charger and auxiliary cable are
okay is critical. You can try a different cable to find out whether the one you are using has
malfunctioned. If you don’t have an extra cable, then you can borrow one from friends or family to test
if the charge is passing through. Though, it is often recommended that you purchase more than one iPad
cable so that you can always have replacement whenever you need one. Besides, having at least three
different cables is recommended if you spend most of your time travelling around the country. In short,
using one cable for all your needs doesn’t make any sense.

Contact Apple

Sometimes if you’ve tried everything but your device can’t charge, then contacting Apple for help is the
best possible option. You can have your device fixed if you possess AppleCare+ membership. If you don’t
have such membership, then you can look for iPad repair shops to fix your problem. Though, sometimes
it’s best to weigh the repair costs versus replacing your old machine.
Charging an iPad looks like a simple process, but that isn’t the case. However, lots of Apple fans do not
understand that the rate of charging is determined by the one charging his or her device. There are easy
hacks you can utilize to charge your iPad faster. But one of the most important factors that determine

charging speed is the type of charger and the type of cable you choose. Also, you need to understand
the differences in quality when you see chargers and auxiliary being advertised online.

How to charge your device faster

Once you’ve fixed your charging problem, do you know that you can increase the rate of charging your
iPad battery? Well, the read the rest of this text to understand how you can quicken the speed of
charging your device.

Choose the right charger

The number one tip to charging your iPad faster is to buy a charger with good charging speeds. Most
people are unaware of the fact that chargers are not equal when it comes to charging rate.

Therefore it’s always important to take a bit of time to understand the best chargers out there. Reading
technical specifications can be boring, but it’s one of the ways you can find out whether a given charger
is fast or not. Aside from technical specifications, you can rely on review sites to find chargers with good
charging speeds. The good thing is that the internet has lots of information regarding iPad auxiliary
cables. You should particularly rely on review sites if you want to find highly-rated on the go.