Coastal Automotive Web Site Review

While looking on the internet for information on extruded polystyrene, I found a very informative and concise website called

I found their website so impressive, I decided to review what information I found there to give you a few pointers on what extruded polystyrene is, and where it can be used.

Extruded polystyrene may not be a term you have come across before; it was certainly new to me. First, I will give a brief outline of what it is and what kind of applications it is used for.

What is Extruded Polystyrene 

I would not consider myself an expert in this field. Extruded polystyrene is a scientific and complicated material. After visiting the site, I now have a better understanding of the different applications in which the material can be used.

Coastal Automotive have created a form of extruded polystyrene called IMPAXX™. This product manages to achieve the same specification with a lower density material, as the higher density foams available offer, such as expanded polypropylene and polyurethane foams.

The IMPAXX™ foam is used in many areas of a vehicle, mainly the interior. It is used for sound absorption and insulation.

More technical information is available on the Coastal Automotive website.

Extruded polystyrene is used in a multitude of sectors. The construction industry, the marine trade and more importantly, in Coastal Automotive’s case, the automotive industry.

I thought I would detail the different areas of the website, and let you know what information I found on each section.

Home Page 

When you visit the home page you are presented with a professional website. It has easy to navigate links for each section that is available on the website.

The quick links are as follows:

  • About Us
  • Latest News
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Awards
  • Careers
  • Contact

There is also a tool bar at the bottom of the page with the same links, you will find this on each section that you navigate towards. This page makes it very easy to find your way around and presents the company in a very professional light.

About Us 

This section details what Coastal Automotive are all about. It gives you the details of their sister website called Coastal Containers, they use the same technology but apply it to a different sector.

You are informed about the different fields that Coastal Automotive deal with, these are the automotive and motorsports industries.

All of the contact details, the address and telephone numbers, are listed.

It also has a great link to all of the latest news about the company. They are interesting stories, be sure to have a quick browse through.

This page gives you an informal, yet informative insight into what the company are all about.


This is where you would navigate to if you wanted a quick, yet detailed, idea of what products Coastal Automotive offer. The two products are IMPAXX™ and BETAFOAM™. Both of these products are insulation products. While IMPAXX™ is more of a moulded sound proofing material, BETAFOAM™ is a Thermally Expandable Foam for Sound Mitigation and Cavity Sealing.

Plenty of information can be found here about both products, and will direct you towards the product that would suit you best.

This section is helpful because it gives you a little knowledge about what Coastal Automotive can offer.


When you click on this link, you are brought to another professional looking page that has three links to other pages. They are:

  • Automotive Safety
  • Motor Sports
  • Packaging

All three of the links offer plenty of information about the services that Coastal Automotive offer. A great page to visit of you want a quick link to one of these areas.

So Much Information 

The remaining links offer details on possible career opportunities, the awards they have won and appropriate contact details. The awards section is fantastic. It shows you that Coastal Automotive know what they are talking about. 

My Thoughts 

This is a fantastic website that is easy to navigate and offers lots of information on a very complex material, in a very user friendly way. If you need any more information on the products they offer, you will find what you need quickly and easily.