The best Instagress alternatives 2018

Instagress was the leading Instagram Bot on the automated market. Unfortunately, it became shut down last year as a result of Instagram’s crackdowns on the use of automated services on its social media platform.

Why is Instagram against the use of Bots?

Instagram has a term of use policy that states the use of automated services such as Bots is in breach of the policy. Using a Bot can result in having your account closed or suspended. They may seem like a high-risk investment but they are an extremely effective tool for growing your accounts following.

Why do people use Bots?

Many of the Bot users are people implementing the Bots for businesses. Bots can be used to help launch a marketing campaign for promoting products or services. As Bots are effective in gaining followers, the more Instagram followers your profile has the larger the audience you can market your products or services to. These followers can then be diverted from your profile onto your website and possibly become potential customers.

How do Instagram Bots gain followers?

Instagram Bots gain followers through engagement. Thy complete engagement tasks such as finding relevant accounts, following them and interacting with them by liking and commenting on their posts. The idea is that this interaction will make the user check your profile and follow you back. Bots will do all of these repetitive tasks while on autopilot so it can do them ongoing.

Can this be done manually?

These engagement tasks can be done manually and while this is an effective way to gain followers it can be very time consuming and tedious. Spending all of your time finding relevant accounts, following them and interacting with them by liking and commenting on their posts will take away from focusing on other areas of your business. When completing these engagement tasks a follow back is not always guaranteed.

Has the automated service market collapsed?

Not at all. The Instagram crackdown actually has the opposite effect on the market. It has grown with many new Bots being launched onto the market. These new Bots are competing with some of the older ones which survived the Instagram crackdowns and as a result, the market has grown and become stronger.

Bot users are still wary about investing in a Bot due to fear of it being shut down and affecting their account. Therefore they are looking for a service that is effective but also safe to use.

The leading Bot in 2018

One of the safest and most effective Bots on the market is Follow Adder. This is because it survived the Instagram crackdown’s and is viewed as robust and an ideal replacement for Instagress. Many users that previously used Instagress are claiming that Follow Adder works just as effectively if not better. It is also believed to be easier to use.

The future of the automated service market is looking bright, with many Bots on the market to choose from. Click here to find out about the best Instagress alternatives to continue to grow your Instagram account.