Automation and the ‘Gram

Global connectivity has given online marketing the capability to reach numbers previously impossible. Social media platforms have furthered this connectivity and allowed people and brands to have never before seen outreach. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have created a culture of content sharing and if you’re a marketer you should love that.

Instagram, a leader in social media

Instagram and its 800 million strong user base have become a premier place for influencers and brands. It’s become impossible to go through the search section without seeing marketing be it subtle or otherwise. Many major brands and influencers have a little-known secret to their success and you can take advantage of it to.

Automation has been a major boon for all industry in general and the online workplace has been no exception. The realm of social media is no exception to this rule and Instagram has become a hotbed for it and its development. Although Instagram is on a warpath to stop it, bots have made an impact and created a market of their very own. Their presence is going nowhere.

Bots and their key functions

Instagram, as a platform, operates on the principle of reciprocity. It is, like all social media platforms, a “favour for a favour” type of situation. Unless the brand is too big to fail, success is usually predicated on engagement with one’s following. Creating new followers then becomes dependent on finding and engaging these individuals. As a following grows this can become beyond time-consuming.

Bots all automation of the majority of these functions. The magic of the service is that instead of bolstering numbers falsely through creating pseudo accounts as follows, they follow a pattern of actions similar to authentic users. In this case, that’s liking, following, unfollowing and commenting.

Because these actions are apparent as that of a machine, most are any wiser to their usage. The advantage of being able to reach an impossible number of people through automation is a marketers dream and those that believe the platform should be organic only are furious. The effectiveness and work rate of bots are considered unfair by many, but isn’t that motivation to use it?

Bots locate target demographics through assigned hashtags. These hashtags, if properly researched dramatically increase an accounts range and ability to reach people. Services like Instagress have been able to take advantage of this and automation to save people time and money.

Key benefits of bots and why they’re going nowhere

So, we’ve established that bots are able to perform all the tasks that people do when networking to increase traffic to their site. That is the most obvious benefit of using a botting service. The time gained from not having to do these tasks is the true benefit.

This time can be allotted for creating new content, improving the business/service or networking offline. If time really is money, botting is possibly the most financially sound an Instagram marketer can make. The goal of marketing has always been to market to the most people, as efficiently as possible for minimal costs. That is what bots enable one to do.

Unfortunately, bots are frowned upon and Instagram is actively shutting down services like Instagress. If you’re on the hunt for a bot to use on your account Fred Harrington writes about Instagress Alternatives – 8 of The Best Replacements that are SAFE.

These services aren’t going to vanish anytime soon because if there’s a market there’s a way. Just be sure to do your research and follow the guidelines. Cheers.