8 Must-Have Camping Gear for Beginners

If you enter any camping store, you might be hoodwinked by the large of supplies and equipment
available, and it could be easy to be carried away. In fact, you might end up buying plenty of gear you
really don’t need. When you start buying camping, you wouldn’t want to waste money on plenty of
adorable little gadgets, which aren’t essential for a camping expedition.

We’ve compiled the 10 most essential equipment a camper needs to have. You can tweak this list with
time, but we all need to begin somewhere, so get started slowly and wisely increase your camping gear.
This list will work best for camping families, but similar guidelines can work for anybody new to

Quality, waterproof tent

This is one part where you don’t want to make a mistake, as being cramped or wet in a tent isn’t fun.
Work out the number of people that’ll be accommodated in the tent (a 4 man tent will fit in a maximum
of 3 adults), where you intend to use that tent, how easy it is easy to pack up and set up, and what
conditions it’ll perform under.

Unsure of what to consider when purchasing a tent? Then take a look at
http://tentsandcampgear.com/best-2- 3-person- tents/ for further information. Get all the details and
understand what you should look for when buying.


In the early days of your camping, you might be shocked by how dark it can be in the wilderness.
Carefully consider the kind of lighting you need around the site, and how you’ll power it up.

Don’t use campfires as your lighting source. While campfires are nice, the light they produce is so near
the fire itself. This light will be of no use when you’re too far from it or you go to the toilet.

There’s a wide variety of lighting options available, such as LED, gas, electric, battery operated, and dual
fuel to fit your budget. So, you need to do some homework so you can make a wise choice for you as
well as your needs. In your list, also include lighting options like headlamps. These are imperative for an
entire family around a campsite. Get the best and brightest that money can buy and you’ll not regret it.

First aid kit

Burns, cuts, bumps, or scratches—one of these can occur during a camping a trip, which makes a first
aid kid a very important camping essential to bring along. Do go camping without it, and ensure it’s also
available on your excursions.
Additional shelters

As well as a tent, you should buy a tarp shelter to get extra protection from the weather when you’re
sitting outside.

You could go for the DIY option or tarp kit with all essential parts. A tarp shelter wouldn’t necessarily be
something you need to get for your first camping expedition, but it’s something you should consider
getting soon.

Sleeping mats

What one sleeps on can have a huge impact on how restful a night they get, when it comes to both
comfort and temperature.

The best options include:

Airs beds you can inflate at the site

Camp beds, which require enough space and larger tents to transport

For smaller kids, you also can buy air beds with all sides raised to prevent kids rolling off the insulated

Sleeping bags

To protect your family from the cold at night, you need to buy the best sleeping bag depending on the
weather conditions and time of year. Sleeping bags come with different temperature ratings and
‘seasons’, so check out guides to buying them.


To get started, you just need a simple canister stove or gas. That’s all you’ve probably used for many
years, apart from cooking over the campfire in your dutch oven. While a big stove may be more
convenient, it isn’t something you should buy right away.

Fold up table

This is yet another vital camping tool. It’s an inexpensive, simple purchase but very handy to have. While
some campsites even have their own chair or table setup, which is great, it’s still important to bring a
fold up table along.

You can use a table for meal preparation, keeping other camping gear, gathering at meal times, and
placing things on it at night. It might seem like a little luxury item, but a table saves gear from becoming
dirty as well.